Life is about the people you share ordinary time with.  As we grow up, we realize that the everyday moments were actually extraordinary.  Not because of what happened, but because of who they happened with.  My aim is to create soulful photographs of your loved ones in a natural context.  I want you to laugh, smile, and tear up while you are looking at your album.    

     When you commission me to photograph your family I have a lofty view of what that means. I am striving to not only take pictures that you can enjoy and post on Facebook, but also craft albums that your children can hold onto as they grow up.  I want to make something that they can return to when life is overwhelming and remember that they are deeply loved.  

    I am committed to the quality and integrity of my work.  I treat each photo as a work of art, so, rather than sending my photos to a lab, I print everything myself.  I use 100% cotton acid free papers that meet the highest museum archival standards so that you will be able to pass on your family portraits to future generations.